This is a community hub of people who actively play Dota 2.

The M-SO Official Guild, Doba Time, hosts in-house matches. Current scheduling is to be determined. Everyone is welcome to join these games, and if we have more than 10 people join, the games will be broadcasted and streamed.

For invitations to the in-houses, hop in to our Discord Server or Join our Steam Group.

Doba Time is the home to casters as well: Infinite is a Dota 2 caster that has broadcasted multiple tournaments including DTOT, MAGFest 2015-2018, and AD2L Season 6-8! A few of our other members do casts as well, including but not limited to Symph, DJ Sexypants, and mythicman95.

Doba time also hosts Dota 2 tournaments, coined the Doba Time Online Tournament or DTOT.
For more information about the Doba Time Online Tournament, check back with us soon!